The Feldstein Family Forest

So, if you've visited this web site before 2011, maybe you've noticed it's changed.

I have removed the pedigree charts in favor of descendent trees and individual pages, which are only available on the private web site.

Because of the new programming, all logins have been deleted and anyone who is in the forest will need to request access on the Login page.

The new pages also include a comment section. Please leave comments. Whether you leave metrical data (birth, marriage, death, other event dates, locations, etc.) or stories about the people — including and especially about yourself — I would love to add the information to the database.

Remember, genealogy is not just about researching the dead, but also about keeping up with the living. Someday, those alive now will be the ones someone wants to know more about. Do you want your descendents to know the date of your marriage, or do you want them to know how you met your spouse and the way you lived your lives?

If you know a little about genealogy research, you may notice that I don't show my sources on this site. But don't worry, I have them all, so you can just ask.

How to Read Descendent Trees

Descendent trees are one type of standard genealogy chart -- my favorite. It shows a lot of information in a small amount of space. A descendent tree starts with a single person, then includes everyone descended from them.

Explanation tree:

Head of Family (b. birth date and/or location; d. death information, sometimes age)
= Partner/spouse after the equal sign (m. marriage info listed with the spouse)
| - Child of the two (b. c1900 is "circa", estimated date)
| - Another child
|   = Spouse of that child
|   | - Their kid
| - Another child from the above spouses, listed in birth order
= Second spouse (not all "spouses" were actually married, just co-parents)
| - Child with second spouse
| - Another child/kid (slash designates alternate name or name change)

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