The Feldstein Family Forest

We've got some information and photos about people that we haven't been able to prove who they are or how they're related. If you have any information, I'd love to hear from you.

1. The Long Lost Halpert Cousins in Israel - Found! Contact made in 2013.

I'm pretty sure these are all the same family.
I suspect that Arnold/Itzhak is Benjamin's son.
Benjamin Halpert and his wife: her name is unknown
Arnold and Ester Halpert, 1948
Itzhak and Ester Halpert and family, 1952: looks like Benjamin's wife on the right
"This is my son Benjamin", 1948

2. Leon and Pearl Mednikow

Called "Uncle Leon and Aunt Pearl"
Possibly related through the Feldstein or Bochkiss family

3. Ludwig and Sylvia Schwartzman (siblings)

Daughter of Dina Boichis; listed in database as sister of Esther and Malka Bochkiss
He died in 1974 in New York State; last residence was Brooklyn

4. Basya, Anushka, and Isya Greenfield

Lived in Brighton Beach in the 1930s
Possibly related through Feldstein family

5. Celia and Yan Kaminsky, son Julian or Lucian

Lived in New Jersey
Julian/Lucian was possibly a captain in the Navy
Possibly related through Feldstein family

6. Frank, Alice, and Edith - Found! Bernstein family.

Back of photo says "son Frank daughter-in-law Alice, Edith my grandchild"
Different writing: "Mom's Cousin? from New York"
Likely related through Szleper or Halpert; "Mom" was probably Bertha Szleper

7. Irving Stein

Likely related through Halpert or Szleper; was in possession of Cecil Halpert

8. Julius, Wife, and sister Roy - Progress. It seems Abram was actually Bernstein and not Smith.

Believed to be Abram Szleper/Smith, his wife, sister Rose Wolfe

9. Mr. and Mrs. M. Kurlander

Liven in Miami Beach, Florida
Found in Feldstein/Rosenthal wedding list

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